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Bandes transporteuses Prima
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Bandes transporteuses Prima

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Steel cord belts

Our PRIMA STEEL belts, of the ST type of construction are suitable for conveyors with large centre distances and for high tensions for transport speeds are very wish speed transport. Our PRIMA STEEL belts are mainly used in harsh environments where reliability and performance are key.

Our PRIMA STEEL belts are compliant with German standard DIN 22131 specifying the number of warp cords, their diameter, and the distance between each cord. PRIMA STEEL cables have very low elongation values and optimum suppleness enabling the use of deep troughs.

Depending on the operating environment, our PRIMA STEEL belts can be reinforced with a metal transverse elastic steel cord ply or a textile ply in order to reinforce their resistance to impacts, tears, or cuts.

PRIMA STEEL belts are available in rupture tensions ranging from 630 N/mm to 8000 N/mm (for other tensions, please consult us).

  • Warp cords in construction configurations of 7×7 or 7×19 are available in diameters from 3.1 to 11.3 mm

  • The minimum bottom cover thickness is 4 mm to ensure a good level of quality.

  • Maximum belt width available 2700 mm (for other widths, please consult us)

  • The maximum weight of bobbins is 50 tonnes.


Ciment works & Quarries

Steel industry


Waste recovery & recycling


  • Very high resistance to ruptures up to ST 8000 N/mm

  • Ideal for very long conveyors due to very low belt elongation values

  • Long service life

  • Suitable for belts with a high level of throughput

Our PRIMA STEEL belts can be provided with di erent types of rubber covers, resistant to abrasion, grease and oils, heat, cold or fire




Fire retardant