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Bandes transporteuses Prima
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Bandes transporteuses Prima

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Belts with anti-slip surface

PRIMA SLIDE belts are generally used for the transportation of ne-grained bulk goods or for the transportation of unit loads at temperatures between -15°C and +80°C on horizontal or in- clined conveyors, at-bed conveyors, on rollers or plates: wood, metal, or PVC.

PRIMA-SLIDE belts have been developed in response to the re- quirements of the wood, recycling, waste and packaging indus- tries, as well as airports.

Our PRIMA-SLIDE belts are made with 2 to 3 plies of EP fabric (polyester in the warp and polyamide in the we ), are rotproof, and provide excellent resistance to rupture in the warp direction.

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Ciment works & Quarries

Steel industry


Waste recovery & recycling

Our PRIMA SLIDE belts can be provided with di erent types of rubber covers, resistant to abrasion, grease and oils, heat, cold or fire.