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Bandes transporteuses Prima
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Bandes transporteuses Prima

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Prima PLY

EP or PP textile belts for moderate to extremely challenging operating conditions

Our PRIMA-PLY belts are used for the transportation of bulk materials in all extractive and processing industries under operating conditions ranging from easy to extremely challenging. The quality of the textiles and gum employed in the calendering process used on our belts provide excellent resistance to the multiple stresses that they may have to deal with.

PRIMA PLY EP belts (polyester warp and polyamide we ) are the most widely used betts. Polyester (E) confers an excellent level of resistance to rupture and delivers reduced elongation under loading which enables it to be used in short courses on tensioned systems. Polyamide (P) bre, with a very signi cant elongation capability, is used for the we in order to obtain the exibility required in the width of the belt so that it can sit perfectly on the conveyor’s trough.


Ciment works & Quarries

Steel industry


Waste recovery & recycling

  • PRIMA PLY belts can also incorporate PP textile (polyamide in the warp and in the we ). PRIMA PLY PP belts are used for special applications requiring a signi cant elongation in the warp and we directions in order to withstand particular types of stress: a long drop, small diameter drums, or short trough transitions. If you require further information, please contact our technical department.

Advantages of PRIMA PLY belts

  • Very high resistance to ruptures up to ST 8000 N/mm

  • Ideal for very long conveyors due to very low belt elongation values

  • Long service life

  • Suitable for belts with a high level of throughput

Our PRIMA PLY belts can be provided with different types of rubber covers, resistant to abrasion, grease and oils, heat, cold or fire




Fire retardant